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San Antonio is a beautiful city located in South Central Texas and is the fastest growing city of the top 10 largest cities in the United States. San Antonio is the seventh most populous city in the US with a population in the Greater San Antonio area of near 2.3 million. San Antonio was named for Saint Anthony of Padua, the patron saint of finding people.


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san-antonio-legal-expert-badge180Our San Antonio Legal Experts have been selected based upon meeting certain criteria where the Law Firm or Attorney has been selected and recognized by his peers and the public as a Legal Expert. Our legal experts have all been selected as an expert in their field by whether they obtain a certain level of recognition within their field of practice. San Antonio Legal Experts use the following methods of selection: Board Certification by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in their respective fields or have been recognized by their peers as being an expert in their field of specialty. Board Certification is a mark of excellence and it indicates an attorney has distinguished himself among his peers. Attorneys that have been Board Certified have significant, relevant experience and they have demonstrated, and tested, special competence in their field of specialization. Only a select number of licensed Texas Attorneys have been Board Certified. Also recognized is The Best Lawyers in America. This is a peer reviewed publication of lawyers that has been providing an unbiased source of legal experts. Another recognition can be from Super Lawyers. They use a patented process in which they select a comprehensive list of legal experts. Also recognized is U.S. News Best Lawyers which is a leading surveyor of law firms and lawyers from around the world. US News and Best Lawyers uses an intensive evaluation process which includes peer reviews from other attorneys, a collection of client reviews and other collected information.

The Definition of a Legal Expert

You can see examples of legal experts on all of your favorite local San Antonio TV stations, both on news channels and in your favorite shows! Whether your interest in law is through reality or through fictionalized accounts, you might have been wondering about what a legal expert is and what they do. We’re happy to break it down for you here!

A legal expert is exactly what it sounds like – somebody who is well versed in law. Now, there are many kinds of law that one can be a legal expert in. There is no one person who could possibly be a “legal expert” on all aspects of law – law is simply too all encompassing for one person to be an expert on all of it.

This is why lawyers tend to specialize in certain parts of law – an injury lawyer, for example, is different from prosecutors who are different from lawyers who specialize in tort. In the event that you find yourself needing the assistance of a legal expert, it’s important to know who you’re looking for so that you can get the help you need.

Different Kinds of Legal Experts

As mentioned above, there are myriad different legal experts that you could reach out to during times of need.

  • Bankruptcy Lawyer  These kinds of lawyers tend to be called upon when clients are in financial distress. These lawyers assist clients in navigating through bankruptcy and absolving debt.
  • Family Law Attorney These lawyers specialize in cases involving family matters including marriage, adoption, divorce, custody, support plus ownership of property acquired before and during marriage.
  • Criminal Defense Lawyers  Everybody who is accused of a crime in the United States has the right to a defense, and these are the lawyers that take up that banner. They represent defendants in the court of law in the criminal system.
  • Personal Injury Trial Lawyer   “Personal injury” can encompass injury to the body, the mind, or the emotions. These lawyers represent individuals who have been harmed by another party in some way, shape, or form. This is different from injury to property.
  • Consumer and Commercial Lawyer   These types of lawyers deal with warranties, sales, leases, insurance, credit and collection activities involving those of individuals or business consumers.
  • Civil Rights Lawyer  These lawyers protect the rights of citizens as defined in the US Constitution. They typically represent individuals or groups who have experienced slights due to discrimination of one form or another.

These are just examples of legal experts. As mentioned earlier, legal experts can also be scholars or judges. Law is a complex organism and it requires many different parts to keep working.

This website is a public service forum to provide you with answers to your legal questions. Please contact us with your legal questions.

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